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Who Does BCLA Help?

BCLA Helps A Desperate Mother

A desperate mother needed immediate legal representation to preserve her family’s independence. After raising her children without support from the estranged and indifferent father for several years, the Florida Department of Revenue finally initiated a child support action.

Facing the prospect of an ongoing child support obligation, the father abruptly determined that he should raise the children.

She retained Legal Aid’s services and, during the pendency of the case, the mother was able to secure full-time employment and she began receiving child support due to the enforcement efforts of BCLA.

Through the child support, which included a share of day care costs and health insurance costs, the client steadily improved her situation.

After protracted litigation, Legal Aid won, secured our client custody of her child and an enforceable visitation order was established.

BCLA Helps With Foreclosures

BCLA represented a woman in a foreclosure action filed by the homeowners association and a second foreclosure action filed by the first mortgage holder. The woman came to BCLA after judgment had been entered by the Court and a foreclosure sale date set in the homeowner association’s foreclosure action.

At the initial consultation with the BCLA staff attorney, the woman was made aware of the dire nature of her case. In six weeks, she would lose her home to the highest bidder at the foreclosure sale that was set by the court.

Our client had put her life savings into the property and had paid on the mortgage for many years. After determining the value of the property, the BCLA attorney helped to arrange for an immediate sale. The house was priced to sell quickly but at the same time enable the woman to satisfy the judgment of the homeowners association as well as the first mortgage, and have some money for herself to relocate. A contract was obtained on the property within a week and a settlement was reached with the homeowners association as well as the first mortgage holder.

The homeowners association agreed to cancel the sale to allow the closing to take place. The first mortgage holder agreed to forebear on proceeding with its foreclosure case to enable the sale of the property. All parties involved in the case were satisfied with the resolution.

Our Mission

We are committed to improving the quality of legal aid and assistance to protect personal safety, establish family stability, and ensure equal access to justice for low income and disadvantaged persons in Brevard County. We are a non-profit (501-C3) agency serving Brevard County since 1970.

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