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BCLA Pro Bono Programs

admin - October 26, 2011 - 0 comments

We are Making a Difference

According to BCLA executive director, Rob Johnson, more than 40 lawyers signed up to do pro bono work at the October kick-off event held at the BCLA location in Rockledge, and between October and January,the program has seen a 20 percent increase in pro bono services compared to the same time last year.

“We’re offering more limited opportunities for attorneys that fall into the group of wanting to do pro bono but are unable because of family commitments or not having enough time. For example, a contract attorney can assist a child by explaining and negotiating a lease” Johnson said.

The “One” campaign, funded by the Florida Bar Foundation, is a statewide pro bono effort for one attorney to take on one case to help one client in need.

Community Education

BCLA staff members and/or Board members give community presentations frequently to other agencies or groups that have a need to know about BCLA and its services. Community legal education is often coordinated through BCLA.

BCLA matches attorneys having specific areas of expertise with requests for attorney speakers. Emphasis is given to presentations to low-income persons.

A wide spectrum of self-help and interagency brochures are distributed by BCLA. Looking ahead with current economic trends BCLA predicts that they will have more requests for services than ever before.

BCLA and many other legal aid services in the state have been working side by side to develop a plan to be able to serve more people and families. This plan also incorporates direction and ways to increase Pro Bono participation from private attorneys. This plan will be launched later this year.